Uta No Prince Sama (part I)

I am going to be frank  with you all that I am not a big fan of Harem idol anime. Really I don’t like them guys not because of their songs or art but because of the female lead in it. When ever I watch those types of anime I feel like ‘dude there are so many girls out there why you all are only after this girl’. Even the female lead acts kind of dumb. I mean if someone does good things for me all the time then I will come to know that they like me. But this girl No she will never understand it.


When it comes to Uta no prince sama it is the same. I am going to tell you the progress of this anime in four seasons in two parts.

Season I

Haruka likes to play piano and wants to create music which is loved by everyone so she joins Saotome Academy. With all the ups and downs she becomes a music composer to a newly formed idol group called Starish. In this season you can only see the forming of starish and in each episode you can see how members of the group fall for her.

As this is a visual game not a manga you may enjoy it while playing but not while watching it. The songs in this anime is good and the choreography is also good guys. But what it lakes is a proper plot. If you are ok with the songs and dance but not with the plot you can watch it.😊

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6 thoughts on “Uta No Prince Sama (part I)

  1. But but…my hero…

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    1. Who is your hero whom do you like the most? I kind of like Ren and Camus😊

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      1. Sorry that was a cryptic comment. I referred to the main character (the girl…I never remember her name) as “my hero” in my reviews. It’s sort of an inside joke with myself and I couldn’t resist…

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      2. I thought you were taking about the male characters of this show😊

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      3. Nah – I’m talking about my crazy eyed ball of inept passiveness. I love this show so much.

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