“Your Name” is really mesmerizing

20f9f9addfb2e089da098ce51f11947a.jpg                            Your Name is one of the most beautiful movie in the anime world. The art and the creativity really mesmerizing. The creation of this anime is so good you guys that even though it is a little confusing at some parts you will understand each and everything at  last and fall in love with this movie. This movie shows that no matter how much the time tries to separate us we will find each other and fall in love with each other.

5f780609200a0cbc99f6108a759dbfd2.jpg                         Mitsuha who is a highschool girl is on a bad terms with her father and also bored of her county life wants to leave it. One day she got a dream that she became a city boy and spent her time in the city. But the next day she founds out that it was not a dream as she can see someone has written who are you  in her notebook and her friends asking about her weird behaviour in the previous day. Then she found out that it was not a dream but she really swapped her body with a city boy named Taki. The body swapping goes on and they both helped each other. But one day the body swapping stops and Taki forgets about Mitsuha as the time tries to separate both of them. After few years when Taki remembers everything he goes to find Mitsuha. When he comes to know that the place where Mitsuha used to live is destroyed by a comet. Then Taki goes to find the sake which is kept on a mountain by Mitsuha and wish to go back in time to save her. In order to know whether Taki saved Mitsuha or not you need to definitely watch this anime.


Your Name is one of the best movie in 2017. It has earned so many awards. The art, the soundtrack, the creativity everything is amazing. This movie will definitely take you to into another world. This is one of the movie which everyone should definitely watch once in a life time.

I give this movie a 9.9/10 🙂


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3 thoughts on ““Your Name” is really mesmerizing

  1. It’s an amazing movie

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  2. Your Name was definitely beautiful to watch. I would have liked a little more from the characters, but visually it was stunning.

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