Haven’t You Heard? I am Sakamoto

When ever we see an anime we can see different types of male characters. Some are gloomy, some are popular, some are prince types and some are serious. Have you ever thought what will happen if everything is included in one male Lead character. It will turns out to be Sakamoto.

Haven’t you heard? I am Sakamoto is a comedy series in which the author shows the coolness of the main character. Really the only thing you can see in this anime is the coolness of Sakamoto. The side characters of this anime tries to pull him down but he avoids everything with a SWAG I mean to say with coolness. At last even the people who are against him starts liking him.


You all will like this anime guys. I don’t think it has any specific plot in it or any meaning in it. I felt like this anime is created only to show how cool can a Main character be. It is little bit hilarious and you all will enjoy it.😊

I give this anime a 9/10😀

I don’t own any of the images which are posted on this blog.

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