Bright as a sun “HINATA”

Hinata a well known name in the anime world and my most favorite female character. So today I am going to take my time and tell you all that why I like Hinata sooooooo much.

I started liking Hinata from the very beginning of the naruto. No matter how much everyone hated naruto she always loved him. She never saw Naruto as a beast but as a human. When I was watching Naruto I always wanted Naruto to notice Hinata. I mean he encouraged her during her fight with Neji but not that way. When ever he was after Sakura I was like “stupid you deserve Hinata not Sakura”. Not only me even the creators of the anime loves Hinata that’s why they even created a special ending only with Hinata in it. Hinata showed me that love is worth fighting for. 

The fight between Hinata and Pain is one of my favorite scenes in Naruto. It clearly shows that how much Hinata loves Naruto. I am happy that the creators created this. She literally tells Naruto that she loves him. Even though she knows that Pain is strong and she cannot win against him she tried her best to protect Naruto. Even though everyone tells that she is weak Naruto always used to tell that she is strong. Even though she is not having so much of screen time she made me fall in love with her by her pure heart and smile. I always cherished her.

Naruto the last is my favorite movie. I am happy that they created a movie only for Hinata and Naruto.

 At last  after two series of Naruto, Naruto realized Hinata’s love๐Ÿ˜.

I really loved the scenes between Hinata and Naruto in this movie and my most favorite is the last scene  where Hinata and Naruto hold there hands and run.

I am happy that Hinata got a happy ending and she is not only a great ninja but also a wife and a mother.๐Ÿ˜Š


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