Why do I like watching “DURARARA”

DURARARA!!.full.159139 First I am just going to share you the plot from wikipedia.

Mikado Ryūgamine, a young boy who longs for the exciting life of the big city, moves to Ikebukuro to attend Raira Academy with his childhood friend Masaomi Kida, whom he has not seen since he was young. After the two meet at the train station, they set out to explore the streets of Ikebukuro. Masaomi warns Mikado about people he doesn’t want to cross in the city such as the violent and superhumanly strong man Shizuo Heiwajima, the information broker Izaya Orihara, and the mysterious gang known as “The Dollars.” After running into some of the side characters, Mikado sees a local legend called the “Black Rider” who rides around Ikebukuro on a black motorcycle that occasionally neighs like a horse and who is rumored to have no head under her helmet. The “Black Rider’s” real name is Celty Sturluson; she is an Irish dullahan who is in Ikebukuro looking for her stolen head while working as an underworld courier. The narrative follows all of the characters equally, showing how their lives intersect and create a greater plot line from each character’s knowledge about a common incident.

The story is told from the perspective of approximately eleven of the main characters and changes every episode in the anime, sometimes even more often. One of the few constants given in every episode is that the narrator gives their own opinion on the current situation that they are in as well as what things that make them tick and keep them going in Ikebukuro: a city with a large underbelly that is the medium for the majority of both the plot’s development and random violence throughout the series.

After reading the plot you might have got some idea about this series, so in today’s blog I am going to tell you  that why do I love watching Drrr.




I like this duo in this anime and I hyped up when ever I see them together. I feel bad for Shizuo as he always plays in Izaya’s hands. Basically Shizuo’s life got spoiled due to Izaya. Izaya likes to create problems to people and likes to enjoy their suffering and sometimes he even goes to an extent where he intentionally makes people to kill themselves. On the other hand Shizuo who always wear a bartender suit and wear sunglasses is a little stupid but strong. He eventually lifts everything with a single lift and mostly uses a vending machine to throw at people :p

While watching this series I always waited for there appearance and I enjoy watching them. The fights between both of them is good and funny to watch.



One of my favorite anime couple. I really love this pair. They showed me that love doesn’t need a beautiful face it needs a beautiful heart. Celty is the heroine of the series and member of the Dollars. Also known as “The Black Biker” or “The Headless Rider”, she is a Dullahan from Ireland who came to Japan looking for her stolen head. And on the other hand Shinra is a  young underground doctor who lives with Celty and is also in love with her. He stays indoors mostly, and wears a white lab coat even when not working as a doctor. When Celty comes to Japan for searching her head Shinra’s father finds her and starts examine her. Shinra loved Celty from his childhood and never wanted her to find her head as she may regain her memories and leave him. In the final anime series when Celty finds her head she tells everyone that she’s gonna leave as she creates a war every where she goes but Shinra refuses and cuts the tie between Celty and her head and gets her back. The conversations between them is so cute that you will eventually fall in love with them.



I don’t know how you feel about them but I think that they are the main source of all the problems which occurred in this series. What would you do if you are bored? well basically I will watch an anime or go out with friends. But in the case of Mikado it is completely different he creates a website called “Dollars”. Mikado creates it for the good cause but some people has taken it into a wrong way and created a gang in the name Dollars and started entering into the gang fights but at last Mikado became brave and exposed himself as the Dollar’s leader and dissolved it.

Kida who is Mikado’s childhood friend is the leader of the gang named “Yellow scarves” and he basically targets Dollars. Kida doesn’t know that Mikado is the leader of the Dollars and makes sure that Mikado doesn’t get in trouble because of him. When Mikado finds out about Kida’s identity he tries to stop him but unfortunately Kida gets into the mess and drops out from high school and goes away with his girlfriend.

Anri attends the same school as Mikado and Masaomi. She is the class representative along with Mikado. She is rather quiet and timid and seems very close to Kida and Mikado, but she tends to keep to herself. Though she knows Mikado’s feelings for her, she considers herself unable to feel “love” towards anyone. She is somewhat popular, even though she feels uneasy about it. She feels as if she needs to rely on somebody to move on, and thus considers herself a parasite. As a child, Anri was forced to witness her mother murder her abusive father with a katana called Saika, later revealed to be a copy of the original. Her inability to love negates Saika’s “love” for humans and thus makes Anri able to control the blade. She seems to be a skilled swordswoman, being able to handle Saika with great skill. After defeating Haruna, she gains control over the “Saika-children” that Haruna created. After a talk with Celty, she decides to use this ability for the best of the city. Anri also becomes aware of Kida’s identity as the leader of the Yellow Scarves, but does not understand why he has taken the position at first only later to find out it was for her and Mikado’s sake.

I appreciate their friendship guys. I like their spirit of protecting one another even though it may cost there lives.


How should I say it, this is a triangular love story between a head lover, a brother lover and a stalker. Seiji is a highschool student who eventually falls in love with Celty’s head and when he looses the head he eventually quits the school in order to find the head with the help of his sister’s money. Namie, Seiji’s sister and the Chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals.She harbors feelings for her brother. She is behind the recent human hunting in Ikebukuro which involves kidnapping people whose disappearance would not be noticed for unknown experiments. She seems to rely on Shinra for some tasks, including keeping their secret. She doesn’t like the fact that Seiji is in love with Celty’s head. She wants to get rid of what she calls “that thing”. After Yagiri Pharmaceuticals ends up merging with another company, she makes a deal with Izaya and becomes his secretary. I would like you to present the best stalker of the year “MIKA”. She is Seiji’s stalker. She is a friend of Anri whom she has been looking for as she has disappeared from her home. They were very close to each other but they also used each other to look better. While stalking Seiji, she broke into his apartment and discovered Celty’s head. Seiji attacked her and called his sister Namie after believing that he had killed Mika. Namie made Mika undergo surgery to her badly-beaten face and added a “scar” to make it appear as though Celty’s head had been surgically attached. This causes Mika to be occasionally chased by Celty. After confessing the truth to Seiji, he accepts her and is with him since then. I don’t know why but I feel that their love story is kind of funny and the fight between Mika and Namie is fun to watch.


Durarara x2 Ketsu - 12 - Large 33

I don’t know why but I like verona after celty in this series. She is kind of cute and I even like her personality. She is a Russian assassin. She is like a living Wikipedia. Her love for books made her to memorize everything. I ship her and shizuo very badly because I think they look so cute together.

These are the characters which caught my eyes while watching the anime and if you have any other character you love then just mention them in the comment section. I would love to know ❤

  • How can I forget about the openings and endings of the anime.

All the openings and endings of this anime are so cool you guys, I had never missed any opening and ending of this anime.

  • Art

The creators did a very good job with the art. The art exactly suites the story.

It’s really difficult to combine or add a new character and a story and connect it with the main character. The suspense is good and basically everything is good.

CONCLUSION: I really loved watching this anime guys. If you start watching you won’t be able to stop until the last series.

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