Forest of the Fireflies

Pain, a feeling which changes every person in a good manner or in a bad manner. Even the person with a cold heart will suffer it at least once in his lifetime. The sever pain is caused when you know that one day the person whom you loved will fade away from this world. This movie described exactly the same thing.

Hotaru comes to visit her Uncle during her summer vacation. One day Hotaru goes to forest to play and gets lost in the woods. When she starts worring about it Gin appears infront of her and tells her the directions to the outside of the forest. Gin was abandoned in the forest when he was a baby and a mountain God has put some magic on him stating that he will fade away when anyone from the human world touches him. Hotaru used to come and visit Gin each and every summer and even though Gin warned her she never listened to him. As the years passed Hotaru has started to grow her feelings towards him even though she knows that it is not possible.

One day Gin invited her for a festival in his world and has taken Hotaru to it. It was like the most memorable day of their lives. Hotaru was careful not to touch Gin and Gin was careful not to lose Hotaru in the crowded festival.

This pic makes me feel sad and eventually it says the truth. No matter how much we want to stay together the Time will definitely separate us one day😢

After returning from the festival Gin tries to save a child and touches him and unfortunately the child is a human child and Gin starts to fade away

 This is the scene where by heart started to break and I was like “no I am not ready for this😱”

 And this is the scene where my tears from my eyes started flowing. Seriously this one scene describes how painful it is to get separated from our loved ones. But life is like that one day we will definitely get separated from our loved ones and to recover from that pain is really difficult but we need to move on.

This movie is amazing guys. You can really feel the pain while watching this and I recommend everyone to watch this movie.☺

I give this movie an 9.8/10😊

2 thoughts on “Forest of the Fireflies

  1. The author of both Natsume and Forest of the Fireflies is same 🙂


  2. Natsume Yuujinchou’s prototype. I love and respect this story a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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