Love is like a cocktail😍

As the title says this anime revolves around drinks. This anime follows Sora and Chi Chan who are husband and wife. Sora is a former bartender and after wards he decided to stay at home and take care of household chores (basically some people says he is a furniture designer) and on the other hand Chi Chan is a working woman. When ever Chi Chan comes home Sora prepares a drink for her and after drinking she changes her personality to a cute housewife. In this anime in each and every episode you can find recipes for preparing drinks. I think this anime is basically created to share recipes for drinks with a little bit of Romance in it. To be honest this anime is cute and sometimes you think that Sora is an ideal husband. This anime has 3 to 4 minutes of episodes which you can finish watching in a very little amount of time😊

I give this anime 8/10😊

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