Have you seen the “Flying Witch”

How should I put this anime to you all, it is everyones morning cup of coffee which refreshes the day. Seriously if you think by looking at the title that it is a serious type of anime and involves a magical fights between two witches then you are wrong. This anime is good to watch, how should I put this, it smoothens your eyes which got strained by looking at all the action, horror etc.😜

The story is about Makoto, a young witch from Yokohama, who moves to Hirosaki, Aomori to live with some relatives as part of her training. What follows is Makoto’s daily life as she gets used to her new environment. Her relatives and the new friends she makes there are introduced to the customs and peculiarities of witchcraft.

You will love the characters in this anime guys. Makoto who is a Witch is a little bit air head and forgets about everything and has a bad sense of directions. Kei who is Mokoto’s cousin looks a little bit responsible and when it comes to farming and cooking you will get some good tips from him😛 Nao, Makoto’s first friend and Kei’s childhood friend who cares about Makoto even though she knows that Makoto is a Witch. Akane, Makoto’s elder sister who is a full fledged Witch and complete opposite of Makoto. This character has caught my eyes while watching the anime and the name is

Chinatsu kuramoto


 I love this girl, she is so cute in this anime, her innocence and childishness wanted me to hug her😜 Chinatsu is younger sister of Kei and Makoto’s cousin who first gets scared of Makoto being a Witch but eventually starts liking her and decides to become a Witch in future.

My overall review for this anime is, This anime is so cute and I want you all to watch this. The characters, the art everything is good and it makes your heart feel warm. It doesn’t have any love issues in it which makes it more good.You will have a smile on your face while watching this anime. So if you want to see a heart warming anime😜 then this a must watch😊

I give this anime a 9.2/10😊

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