What is this “Anonymous Noise”

For this anime review I gonna say everything about how I felt while watching this anime. 

First comes the plot,                                                Nino Arisugawa is a girl who loves singing and has an enchanting voice. She experiences two heart-wrenching partings in her childhood, one with her first love, Momo, who moves away, then after Nino befriends Yuzu, a young composer, she experiences another sad parting. Each of two boys made a childhood promise with Nino to find her one day through her singing voice. Nino holds on to that promise and continues to sing.
Six years later, the three are now in high school. Nino reunites with Yuzu, but Nino also wants to see Momo again. Yuzu is a member of the masked band in NO hurry to shout. He loves Nino and asks her to be the vocalist of the band to help her reach Momo. Nino strives to improve her singing skills in an attempt to get attention of Momo who is now a professional composer. With music at the core, how will the love triangle play out?                                As the plot says it is a love triangle. I kinda feel uneasy when it comes to love triangle because the female lead maximum chooses the wrong guy who doesn’t care much about her. And I feel this anime is the same.

Second comes the characters:                                 To be honest I have a mixed feelings about them sometimes I like them and some times I don’t. The don’t like the female lead in this anime. I felt her a little bit annoying and I will tell you why. First she loves Momo and she still loves him when she gets bigger but the thing is she never listens to him. She thinks that they are happy going singing couple and every time Momo tries to tell her about his family issues she doesn’t listen to him and starts singing which is kinda annoying and you will feel it too while watching the anime. When I was watching it I was like just be quite and listen to him. Second Yuzu likes her, he kinda showed it in different ways, he created a band for her, he started composing music for her, he even lost his voice for her but no she doesn’t want to recognize it. She is always like Yuzu my friend type. I know that she didn’t asked him to do that much but just give him some credit Nino. Third she sings all the time in each and every episode with her husky voice. I like Yuzu but I feel bad for him. Even though he has a rough childhood he haven’t given upon himself and tried to achieve his dream as music composer and forming a band but I feel sad for him when Nino only see him as his friend. When it comes to Momo Nino’s childhood love I have a mixed feelings for him some times I get angry and sometimes I feel kind of bad for him. Seriously you will feel bad when you will find out the reason behind  him leaving Nino but he truly loves her. Mio my favorite female character in this anime. Sometimes I felt that she should have been the female lead than Nino. She is Yuzu’s childhood friend and has a crush on him but never told him about that as she knows that Yuzu loves Nino and she quits the band so that Nino can take her place. Haru who is Yuzu’s childhood friend has a crush on Mio but never tells her as he knows that she loves Yuzu. so basically this anime is all about love triangle. He confesses his feelings to Mio and tell her that he is just joking and it kind of hurts. Kuro who is also Yuzu’s childhood friend and supports him in his band as a drummer and he isn’t focused much in anime except while playing drums.

Third and the last The songs:                                  The music and the songs in this anime are soo good and addicting. I wish Mio sang every song rather than Nino. You will find out the reason why I said that after watching this anime but the creators did a amazing job when it comes to songs๐Ÿ‘

So coming to my review I have a mixed feelings for this anime. When you Start watching the first episode you won’t be able to stop watching it until the last episode. This anime has one season with 12 episodes and the manga is ongoing if you want to watch a love triangle Romance anime and I recommend this for you๐Ÿ˜€

I give this anime 9/10๐Ÿ˜Š

2 thoughts on “What is this “Anonymous Noise”

  1. saw the first episode on Animax, and the lead girl is kinda annoying. it also feels a bit forced to me, but i wasn’t paying much attention when i watched it. the songs are really good though, I agree.

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  2. This one is on my watch list for early next year as I gained access to it when I signed up to Hidive. Looking forward to seeing what it is like. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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