Why have I decided to become a blogger

Hello everyone in today’s blog I have decided to tell you about myself and why I have decided to become a blogger.

I am Anjani and I love watching anime because I think it gives me some peace of mind. I was born in a country where people think that only doctors, engineers and Accountants have value. From a very young age I loved to watch animations whether it is American or Japanese or any other animations. I just loved to watch it. My love for animations keeps on growing and I decided to become a animator but I couldn’t because everyone was against it and people thought I may have a better future in any other field  rather than becoming a animator. So I listened to them but I felt a little hole in my heart that is because I wasn’t able to become what I want. But my love for anime haven’t reduced and I decided to watch it. So what if I can’t become animator or what if I can’t create anything I can write about them and I can tell the world how I feel about them. You all should have seen the happiness on my face when I had posted my first blog I felt that I have achieved something and my heart filled with satisfaction. 😊


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