12 episodes of cuteness “Tsurezure Children”

If you want to write a manga then  first you need to decide what kind of genre you want to write  whether it is a Romantic Comedy or Romance. Then decide a story based upon your genre. If you have so many stories and  unable to decide which one to write then combine them all it may become a cute anime like Tsurezure Children😊.

Tsuredure Children tells various romantic stories about how it is so hard to say “I love you”, between young male and female students attending the same high school, in an omnibus format. All of the stories are loosely connected to each other. 

This anime is so good to watch. It doesn’t have a male lead or female lead characters as the plot says there are so many characters in this and I love each and everyone of them. I am going to talk about some couples of this anime😬

The first couple: The school council president and his tsundere girlfriend (Masafumi Akagi and Ryōko Kaji)

I really love this couple guys. I like how he confessed his feelings to her. Even though he is a school council President he is a pervert and when it comes to Ryoko she is a tsundere and doesn’t like to be with others. Akagi literally forces himself on her and she doesn’t like it at first but literally accepts him. The conversations between both of the is hilarious and you will definitely enjoy it. Every tsundere definitely needs a man like Akagi in their lives😜

The second couple (Haruhiko Takase and Saki Kanda)

Have you ever imagined what if the person whom you have crush on tries to propose you. Isn’t it wonderful? this couple is the same. Takase has a crush on Saki but couldn’t confess to her but fortunately Saki tries to confess to him first. Even though I feel like they are not much focused in this anime the comedy between them is good to watch😊

The third couple (Jun Furuya and Yuki Minagawa)

Ah Yuki is the best girl you will ever find. She is popular and friendly in nature and on the other hand Jun is a shy guy who doesn’t take Yuki’s feelings seriously as he thinks that she is joking around. Her spontaneity towards Jun makes you laugh. Even though she knows that Jun is not taking her serious she keeps on forcing her feelings to him. The conversation between them becomes more hilarious when Jun sister enters the scene😊

 The Fourth couple (Takurō sugawara and Chizuru takano)

 This couple shows us no matter how you are there will be always a person who will love you. Suga is a cheerful person and Chizuru is a gloomy girl. Even though Chizuru is like that Suga loves her but unable to confess his feelings. The atmosphere between this couple is so cute. The author mainly focused on Romance than Comedy when comes to this couple😊

The Fifth couple (Takeru Gōda and Ayaka Kamine)

 This couple is one of my favorite in this anime. This couple shows how difficult it is to have a dense boyfriend 😜 Ayaka has fallen in love with his classmate Gōda who is basically dense when it comes to love. At first Ayaka fails to confess her love to Gōda because of fear of rejection but when she confess her feelings to him it doesn’t get through him first but later he understands it. The misunderstandings between them makes you laugh so much.😁

The last couple whom I am going to describe is (Chiaki Uchimura and Kana Ījima)

 Even though I am describing them at last they are my most favorite couple of this anime. I really love them guys the author focused more on comedy and less on Romance when comes to this couple. Chiaki and Kana are goofy in nature and likes to joke around. When Kana confess her feelings to Chiaki he thinks it as a joke and finds out that it is true after one year of confession. The scenes between these two are hilarious and they are a ideal couple for me.😬

Even though I told you about six couples there are more of them. I mainly focused on the couple whom the anime has focused on. Even the remaining couple are cute and you will definitely fall in love with them like I did. This anime gives you a warm feeling and you will get relaxed. This anime is so cute and I recommend you to watch it.😬

I give this anime a 9.7/10😁

2 thoughts on “12 episodes of cuteness “Tsurezure Children”

  1. The student council president is so smooth. Yuki trolling the sister on the phone still makes me laugh.

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    1. Yuki trolling his sister on the phone is my favorite part

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