Recovery of an MMO Junkie/ Net-juu no Susume


Ok so basically I am just going to say one word about this anime and that is this anime is sooooooooooooo good and trust me you all will enjoy watching this anime.

Ok so the story follows around Moriko Morioka who decides to end up as a NEET as she is unable to bear with her work. After resigning from her job she decides to start playing MMO’s which means online games but finds out that the game she was playing while doing her job was expired and decides to start playing a new game which she found in the online. After installing the game she decides to play as male gamer and prepares a male avatar. While she tries to clear the first round she meets a new character name Lily and they both play together from then and creates a close bond between them. She joins a guild where she finds some new friends. Moriko feels bad when she thinks that Lily is becoming very close to her in the game as she is keeping it as secret that she is a 30 year old women in the real life. Will Moriko tell Lily that she is a 30 year old women in the real life? What will happen to Lily after finding out the truth? In order to know about this you should definitely check this anime. This anime mostly revolves around Moriko and Lily even though there are side characters this anime  won’t show much about them and there is secret for you all in this anime.

when coming to opening and ending of this anime they both are so good that you won’t be able to skip them. The overall anime is so good you guys that you won’t be able to stop watching untill the last episode. While watching this anime I felt like sometimes we meet good people if we step out of the door. We may look down on us but there are people who will always encourage us and cheer us. It is ok to cry if you want to, it is ok to relay on people when you need help. You just need to remember that you are not alone.This anime has 10 episodes and 1 special episode and the manga is ongoing. If you want to watch slice of life anime with comedy and romance in it then this anime is a must watch. 🙂

I give this anime a 9.2/10. 🙂

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