Death Note

Death Note is a well known anime in the anime world. Every anime freak like me must have watched this anime. It is a master piece and I really love this anime.

The story follows around Light Yagami who is a genius high school student who discovers the “Death Note”, a notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it, as long as the writer has seen that person’s face. After experimenting with the notebook, Light meets the Shinigami Ryuk, the notebook’s original owner, who dropped the notebook to the human world out of boredom. Light tells Ryuk of his plan to rule as a god over a new world free from criminals, where only people he deems morally fit to live remain. Soon, Light would be known to the public as Kira. Ryuk, invisible except to those that possess the Death Note, follows Light around and takes enjoyment from Light’s meticulous actions as Kira.

Kira’s killings catch the attention of Interpol and world-famous detective “L”. L, who is highly intelligent, has surmised that Kira can kill anyone by knowing their face and name, and tricks Light into revealing his location in the Kanto region of Japan. L creates a small anti-Kira task force from the local police to help discover who Kira is, including Soichiro, Light’s father, requiring Light to take several measures to keep the Death Note secure. Light and L begin a game of cat and mouse to try to further their own ends.
What will happen to light? Will L find out that light is the real killer? In order to know that you should definitely check this anime. I am telling you guys this anime is good and a must watch. 

My opinion of this anime is it’s unique and soo good, the idea and concept is so good and my favorite character is L. I like the first half of the series it was so interesting and creates suspense like who will win is it light or L but the second I felt kind of boring, I felt that it lacked something. So I am just saying that it is a unique fantasy story which you will all enjoy.😁

I give this anime 9.9/10.

1 thought on “Death Note

  1. It is a masterpiece 👽


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