Kimi ni todoke is a Japanese Shoujo manga and Anime series. This anime revolves around Sawako who is honest but shy girl and  has trouble talking with others as her resemblance to the horror film character Sadako Yamamura. Even though she tries a lot she always failed to remove the misconception about herπŸ˜†

Everything  changes to Sawako when she enters into the high school and meet new friends Ayane and Chizuru. Afterwards she even find out that there is a guy named Shota who  has falling in love with her at first sight. Shota is very popular among girls in the school and he is a friendly moving in nature. This series will make your heart go Doki Doki 😜 all the time. This anime currently having two seasons and I am still waiting for third one and the manga is ongoing. When coming to the opening of this anime it is so good that I even made it as my mobile ringtone.

I really love this anime guys it is so good it is one of the best shoujo anime and it will make your heart feel warm. The cute scenes between the main characters makes your heart go Doki Doki. I even like the side characters and the way they encourage each other is so good. If you are going to watch a beautiful shoujo manga then this is a must watchπŸ˜‰

I give this anime 9.5/10

2 thoughts on “KIMI NI TODOKE (FROM ME TO YOU)😊

    1. I don’t like this anime ….but I like kuronama sawako

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