Love So Life (Manga)

Even though my title says Anime Reviews I had decided to give some reviews on manga which are worth reading. There are some mangas which are so good but doesn’t have any anime adaption. So here is my honest review of Love so Life manga.

Love so life manga is all about twins whose mother died in a car accident and there father left them due to the shock of there mother’s death. Then the twins were taken care by their uncle who is a famous TV reporter but due his heavy work he wasn’t able to spend more time with them. One day when he went to pick them up from the day care he noticed that they were behaving well infront of one of the staff then he decided  to make her as their babysitter. The scenarios between the twins and the babysitter is so cute and it wants you to read this manga again and again. This manga is also categorized under shoujo as we can see the romance between their Uncle and the babysitter. So my opinion on this manga is, this is so cute and the conversations between the twins is so adorable and the story is also good. This manga will tell us the importance of having a family and how beautiful it is to spend time with them. If you want to read a simple and  beautiful manga then I recommend this one. 😊

I give this manga 9/10.

2 thoughts on “Love So Life (Manga)

  1. the premise sounds like a cuter version of Ahiteruzu Bayb, and I love it. I’ll check this one out, thanks. : )


    1. Oh thank you even I would like to read Ahiteruzu Bayb 😊

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