Let’s check out “K ON”

If you want to watch an anime which is cute, funny and is related to music then K  ON is perfect for you. This anime revolves around five girls named Yui, Mio, Ristu, Mugi and Azuna who forms a light music club name Tea Time After School or After School Tea Time. This anime is different from all other idol anime, basically it is not an idol anime. This anime is mostly focused on music and it is relaxing to watch. The cute moments  and the comdey in the anime are so good, in my opinion this anime is best when compared to  idol anime. Every character has there unique cuteness and style. The songs in this anime are so good which makes you want to hear again and again. This anime has two seasons and after watching that you feel like to watch more of it. If you want to get relaxed by watching a cute anime then K ON is a must watchπŸ˜€

I give this anime a 9/10.

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