Love on Ice “Yuri On Ice”😍

Do you all want to watch an anime which makes your heart beat skip for a minute then Yuri on ice is the perfect anime for you😍. This anime is all about figure skating. The series revolves around Yuri who lost a competition and lose all his confidence. After sometime he goes to his hometown to settle down a little when his friends encourages him to start skating one more time. Yuri does the same piece which is done by Victor whom he admires from his childhood. The friends children will record the video and posts it in the YouTube. On the other hand victor who is a world champion for so many times is unable to find his inspiration for his new piece and then he saw his video and decided to go and train him as his coach. Even though this anime’s genre is Sports it is more on a Shonen Ai side which is a good news for fujoshis out there. My overall review on this anime is even though you are a fujoshi or not this anime will definitely make your heart skip for your moment. The cute moments between Yuri and Victor is too heavy for your heart😜 . If you want to watch a romantic anime with a little bit of sports in it then Yuri on ice is a must watch.😁

I give this anime a 9.8/10.

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