A Silent Voice

An amazing movie which will teach you that it is important to live no matter how hard the life is. The story revolves around elementary school kids name Shoko who is deaf and Shoya who is a bully. Shoya is a boy who enjoys his life having fun by bullying others and one day Shoko transfers to his school and Shoya starts bullying her knowing that she is deaf and everyone in class starts making fun of her except a girl who wants to be her friend. One day everything went wrong when Shoko’s mother had given complaint to the school stating that her daughter was being bullied and from that time Shoya’s life had taken a turn when everyone started to bully him and his life went with isolation until he went to highschool when he suddenly decided to commit suicide. Before committing the suicide he will decide to apologize to Shoko and goes to meet her. What will happen to Shoya after meeting her? How will his life change from then?, in order to know that you should definitely watch the movie. The manga from which the movie got adapted has more content than the movie and they showed a great character development in manga than in the movie, it’s better to read the manga first and watch the movie later. The conversations between shoya and shoko will make your heart feel warm. Overall this movie will make you realize no matter how much hard your life is you can face it with the help of your friends and family and ending the life is not an optionπŸ˜€.

I give this movie a 9/10.

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