Cute Natsume and his book of friends

Natsume and his book of friends is one of my favorite anime. This anime gives us a warm feeling and some kind of relaxation while watching it. This anime revolves around the boy name Natsume who has a ability to see Yokai (ghosts/monsters) which is passed down from his grandmother Reiko. Nastsume lost his parents when he was a child and was passed on from one family to the another thinking that he is bothersome due to saying weird things and  at last he was taken by a family who has no kids and raises him like his own child. The heart whelming scenes with the family and his new friends at his new place brings tears in your eyes. Currently this anime has 6 seasons with OVA’S and with each season it makes us to watch more of it. This heart whelming series is a must watch.😊

I give this anime a 9.5/10.

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