Laugh out loud with gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun

Are you tired of watching all the sad and action anime and you want some relaxation from them, then gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is the perfect anime for you. This hilarious serious will make you to watch it again and again. This story revolves around Nozaki who is a shoujo manga writer who finds his character inspiration from the people around him. Once a girl name Sakura will pour her heart to propose him but he thinks that she is asking for his autograph. The hilarious conversations between everyone and the way sakura trying to confess her feelings will make you laugh out loud. The other characters in this are not less than the main characters even they will make you laugh. I watched this anime for three times and no matter how much I watch it, it is never getting bored. So it is a best anime to watch for relaxation☺.

I give this anime a 9/10

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