Rollercoaster Of Emotions YOUR LIE IN APRIL

This anime is all about a boy named Kōsei Arima who is a prodigy in playing piano from his childhood. Arima used to take up his piano lessons from his mother who was suffering from an illness. As she was worried about him she used to be very strict with his lessons which caused him a trauma after her death which makes him unable to here music while playing and made him to quit. This story is all about how a girl entered into his life by telling a lie and changed his entire life. This show is not only about music but it also shows about friendship and love which will make us go through a lot of feels. If you are finding something under feels section 😜 I highly recommend this to you as you all gonna cry a lot.

I give this anime a 9.8/10.

1 thought on “Rollercoaster Of Emotions YOUR LIE IN APRIL

  1. I cried at every single episode because I already knew the ending😿

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